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Brand Launch

Pro Apparel offers you the opportunity to launch your own brand. You will give us your ideas and we will help you turn them into reality. We assign Merchandise managers that help you with each production phase from fabric and accessory sourcing , help create patterns , produce samples according to your ideas and finally help you launch your product with your placed order. 

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Measuring Fabrics

Expert Manufacturing

If you are a well established brand we offer you compliance certified production facilities ready to provide you with their expert services. We will help you produce samples according to your given tech packs. We will be with you throughout the production processes from  material sourcing , knitting , dyeing , embroidery , printing , stitching , packaging and finally the dispatch of your bulk orders according to your approved samples.

Quality Assurance

Our onsite quality control teams help us with quality assurance at each production stage to minimize quality issues and help produce products according to the desire of our customers.
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Ethical Production

We ensure the production facilities being used for the manufacturing process adhere to international standards. For this purpose we use facilities which have certifications ensuring the health and safety of the production staff, and labour standards such as payment of minimum wage and no involvement of child labour in production of your products. We also ensure no harmful substances are used in the production processes especially when it comes the quality of the dye. Compliance with respect to the use of ethical management systems to ensure consistency in the provision of products and services to our customers. Compliance with the local environmental laws of the country where the production facility is based , to ensure the environmental cost of production is at a minimum.


Production Process Summary

Initial Meeting

You contact us and we set up your meeting with your merchandise manager.

You and your Merchandise manager decide on :

Your Brand Direction based on your ideas

Your Investment Projection

The products for launch

The fabrics and accessories to use

The fit details to follow

Price Quote

Merchandise manager quotes you competitive price according to your given budget projection and quality standards.

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Your production takes off after u place an order based on approved samples and agreed prices. 

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Material Sourcing

Your merchandise manager leads your project and performs the following jobs for you :

A- Fabric Sourcing 

B- Accessories Sourcing

C- Translate Quality standards according to given tech packs and forward them to each production department to ensure quality at each production stage.

Pattern Creation and Sampling

Pattern Designers with years of pattern making experience produce handmade patterns as well as software generated patterns to ensure quality fit is produced according to your given ideas and liking.

Sampling teams work under the supervision of pattern designers, they follow each instruction and delicately produce sample prototypes and pre-production samples that are tried , tested and approved by yourself for production.


The products are packaged according to your needs and then shipped to you. 

Production Process Summary

For further details and queries contact our team. You can drop your message in our form or email us at

If you are based in the UK you can arrange a meeting with our representative by emailing us at

If you are based outside of the UK our representative can arrange an online meeting for you to address your queries. Email us at

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